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A new name for the Melksham Railway Development Group

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The full TransWilts (Swindon to Westbury) timetable is available at full timetable.
This also shows local Melksham buses that can be used to/from the station.

Times for trains to a selection of stations often with a change, can be found at Selected Stations .

To check times and for any changes, see  National Rail enquiries.         

Summary of the key times

The following times have been taken from the National Rail enquiries.  and are shown for information only.

Trains to Chippenham and Swindon (weekday)
7:20    7:49  10.04   12:03  12:36  14:30  16:37  18:48  19:47

Trains to Trowbridge and Westbury (weekday)
6:38  9:15  11.13   13:13  13:47   15:39   18:03   19:15   20.32
Summary of the key adult fares

The following fares are shown for information only. To check current fares and for other destinations see  National Rail enquiries.                                                                

Melksham to          Anytime      Off-Peak      Anytime  Off-Peak       
                                  Return        Return        Single       Single

Westbury                     4.50         3.80           3.90           3.70
Trowbridge                  4.50        4.20            3.70           n/a *  
Chippenham                 4.50          n/a *          3.90           n/a *
Swindon                       9.60         7.10           8.00          7.00  
* no off peak ticket available; use an anytime ticket for this journey

Off peak fares are valid all day Saturday and Sunday, and after 09:29 Monday to Friday (08:29 on some journeys).

Children aged 5 to 15 travel at half the adult fare. Children under 5, dogs, bicycles (limited capacity) at no charge. Railcard discounts for holders of senior, disabled, two together, 16-25, and friend and family terms vary according to card; typically 34% discount.

Groupsave (for groups of 3 or more adults) also offers a 34% discount. Season tickets offering unlimited journeys between specified points (and intermediate stations) are available for periods ranging from 7 days to 1 year.

Tickets also available from Warminster, Frome, Dilton Marsh and Bradford-on-Avon to Swindon via Melksham at Westbury prices

Tickets should be purchased prior to joining the train. Ticket machines are now available at all stations on the line, and all stations except Melksham also have staffed ticket offices. Some ticket machines do not accept cash.

If there is no opportunity for you to purchase your ticket before you join, you may buy your ticket from the train manager.